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DMSS Marketing Agency is one of the leading Digital Marketing companies in Greece, founded by the renowned Professor Michalis Botas. The experience, the creative thinking and the thorough execution of each advertising campaign compose the triptych of its success and continuous growth.

However, the key element that makes any company stand out is the people who are part of it. Our company values deeply the people who are part of it, which is why we are constantly looking for talented people, ambitious enough to consolidate their position in it. The will for learning and development is for us a basic qualification for starting any cooperation, as we offer the possibility of training on the Μarketing field and continuous development, as well as participation in interesting activities.

We are always looking for new talents, people with creative thinking, who have strategy, are organizational and want to offer something more to the customers they will potentially take on. If you want to become a member of the team, send us your CV: [email protected]