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Pharmaceutical Marketing

Φαρμακευτικό Marketing

Most pharmaceutical companies face a significant number of challenges in order to bring their products to market. The pharmaceutical industry is subject to strict regulations and restrictions on the launch of any health product. After going through rigorous testing, how does a new drug or medical device reach the attention or hands of a physician or consumer? The answer is through pharmaceutical marketing and the wider promotion of health products.

Pharmaceutical marketing is the application of marketing strategies in the marketing of drugs and medical devices by private and public organizations to physicians, pharmacists and consumers. This particular form of marketing enables pharmaceutical companies to identify, anticipate and provide solutions for the requirements of the customers for whom their products are intended. Without this, the majority of new drug and health product releases, regardless of the effectiveness and innovation that may characterize them, will not receive the impact they deserve.

Pharmaceutical marketing is a complex field that requires a deep knowledge of the subject, the products and the sector to which it is addressed. The purchase of pharmaceutical products is subject to extremely strict government regulations and restrictions, which the marketing company undertaking the promotion of such products needs to be aware of. At the same time, the study of competing companies providing pharmaceutical products as well as the most appropriate means of channeling marketing strategies are an integral part of a successful advertising campaign. The knowledge of the market and the experience of the marketing company that undertakes the promotion of pharmaceutical products determines to a significant extent the success of the advertising campaign.

A key element for a successful pharmaceutical marketing campaign is not only the identification of the target audience for the respective pharmaceutical product, but also the adaptation of the advertising message according to the final recipient. This particular form of marketing is basically addressed to three different audiences, which include doctors, pharmacists and the final consumers to whom the medicinal product is administered. These three audiences require the formulation of three different advertising messages, each of which responds to the style, needs and requirements of each segment of the target audience.

Embedding the dynamics of digital innovation and adopting a customer-first business model are two powerful elements that are important to characterize any pharmaceutical marketing campaign. In this way, it facilitates the creation of more effective interactions and the preference of the provider of the medicinal product. Despite the pressure of cost control, regulatory constraints and global competition, it is important for the pharmaceutical marketing industry to focus on the end consumer and their needs and not so much on the drugs themselves.

A new, personalized and consumer-focused marketing approach can prove extremely beneficial for pharmaceutical companies. There is a wide range of different pharmaceutical marketing strategies that have the potential to attract the attention of doctors who prescribe pharmaceutical products as well as their patients.

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