Digital Marketing Seminars

σεμινάρια digital marketing

Internationally recognized professor of Digital & Social Media Marketing Michalis Botas presents one of the most complete digital marketing seminars.

62 hours of interactive face to face training on real business models in collaboration with DMSS Marketing Agency clients.

Υπηρεσίες Digital Marketing

Michalis Botas, after guiding the participants into in the correct use of digital marketing tools, will assign them, after they are divided into small groups, the management of real customers on a digital business plan that they will have to create themselves.

In the end of the courses the participants will receive:

  • Attendance certificate signed by Professor Michalis Botas.
  • 2 months internship certificate from DMSS Company.
  • Internship certificate from the client that will be assigned to them during the courses.

Due to its large client list, DMSS restores in a large scale the possibility of internships of the participants in the digital marketing seminars that it presents with the companies it collaborates with, providing the entrepreneurs with sufficient data in order to select the student that they want to join their work force.

The teaching modules that students will be taught during the Digital & Social Media Marketing seminar with Professor Michalis Botas are the following:

Theoretical Implementation of Digital Marketing Seminar

✓ Basic Principles of Digital Marketing (4 hours)

✓ Business’ Online Presense (2 hours)
✓ Website Creation (2 hours)
✓ SWOT Diagram Analysis (Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) (4 hours)
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) (2 hours)
✓ SEM (Search Engine Marketing) (2 hours)

✓Google Marketing (12 hours)
1. Google AdWords
2. Google My Business (creation and optimization)
3. Positive and Negative Reviews management
4. Personal Blog creation

✓ Content Marketing (personalized content creation techniques) (2 hours)
✓ Social Networking and Business Activities on Social Media (12 hours)
1. Facebook ads (remarketing, facebook pixel)
2. Instagram Ads
3. Influencer Marketing
4. Youtube channel & ads

✓ Email Marketing
✓ E-shop & E-commerce (4 ώρες)
✓ Google & Web Analytics (2 hours)

Practical Implementation of Digital Marketing Seminar

✓ Each student will create from scratch and promote their own startup business (virtual or real). (16 hours)

Digital Marketing Seminar cost

480 euros (up to 2 interest-free installments)

  • 15% Discount for unemployed, students and single mothers with the indication of the appropriate supporting documents.
  • Limited number of spots due to the participation in a small group of 12 people.
  • Make a free reservation of your place for the digital marketing seminars in January without any commitment by filling out the form below.


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