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Instagram Ads: Start asap!


Instagram ads are now the most efficient way to advertise and promote your eShop nowadays, so if you’ve not used it yet, it’s time to get started!

Specifically, Instagram has transformed into a huge online community with unlimited marketing potential. This means that Instagram ads are the ideal solution for a business, ensuring that its content will be visible to a large percentage of the audience!

According to surveys, Instagram users are 53% more likely to be interested in and interact with brands and ads than any other platform.

A key advantage of Instagram ads is the fact that it is linked to Facebook. This practically means that it is easier to target your audience based on the data offered by Facebook with high success rates! You can target your customers by location, interests, demographics, behaviors and more. This means that your ad will appear in the feed of your exact target audience, increasing the likelihood of them actually proceeding with a sale.

Finally, when planning an Instagram ad campaign, you do not have to wait for a long time to see the results. You can monitor the success of your campaigns in real time and get helpful information that can inform you using the statistics provided by the application itself. Such elements are the interaction of the users with the post, the saves in each post, the visits to the profile of your business etc.

Digital Marketing professor Michalis Botas concludes that Instagram is the top method of Web Branding, due to the immediacy of the interaction between the business and the consumer.

Do not delay the Instagram ads anymore, now is your chance to build a relationship of trust with your buying audience!

Michalis Botas. Digital Marketing Professor at the Professional Journalism Lab.